What's on San Francisco?

The iconic San Francisco attractions—toddling cable cars, Painted Lady Victorians, precipitous hills, great museums and of course, the soaring red-orange towers of the Golden Gate Bridge—have given rise to dozens of monikers over the years, ranging from Paris of the Pacific and Baghdad by the Bay, to Athens of the West, Little Italy and Disneyland. Spend a day exploring its nooks and crannies and you’re likely to come up with a few more of your own. Though San Francisco is crammed into 7x7 square miles, its many neighborhoods have unique personalities, ethnicities, sexual preferences, and often their own weather systems. Whether you’re a first-time
visitor or a lifelong resident looking for inspiration for things to do in the city, this list provides a sightseeing primer to the City by the Bay.

Calle Lombard

Lombard Street's famed route twists past flower beds in full bloom

San Francisco Tours

Though San Franciscans would rather cheer for the Dodgers than get caught riding one of those double-decker buses, we still love playing tourist in our own town. Happily, there’s no shortage of offbeat excursions to quench the local thirst for discovery—from dark passages ripped from the pages of Dashiell Hammett mysteries to the balmy alleys of the mural-covered Mission District